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For a Local Circular Economy

sustainable bioplastic made of peapods, design by Alara Ertenu Studio


The Materials Design Map is a free online tool where it is possible to find material experiments, sustainable products, but also the designers, studios, and startups working on these topics.

We believe in positive change and collaboration:

The tool was created to answer the question "is it possible to integrate new sustainable materials with industrial production systems?" We at WeVux believe the answer is yes, though not with just one solution, rather with many small local solutions based on as many positive cycles. The map is just the first step on a path to help this process.

How it works:

The database is updated on a monthly basis and is linked to an interactive map. The feature allows you to check the geographical location of the searched project or the total number of projects related to new materials in a specific location. If you want to submit a new material, you can fill in this Google Form!


Why we developed the map:

The Materials Design Map was created with two objectives in mind: on the one hand, the desire to map all the different projects carried out and under development, to share them and facilitate their development, also thanks to the collaboration with Research Centers and Institutions. On the other hand, the aim is to try to contribute to the circular economy: to promote the development of a local economy based on circularity, avoiding environmentally harmful practices such as waste transport, landfill storage, and downcycling.

Here you can find a selection of researches and our Partners.

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