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Via Waldheim, Waldheim, Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol, Italy



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Looking for fundings for production


The inception of Fanocel is a response to the ongoing material crisis we are facing, intending to discover a sustainable substitute for plastic materials derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. As you may know, fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil, and natural gas originate from fossilized million-year-old plant and animal residues. Their extraction harms the environment, including air and water pollution. To address this issue, we developed Fanocel. HighSociety Studio worked tirelessly towards a bio-composite material made from cellulose acetate and by-products of the agri-food sector. Cellulose is extracted from natural resources such as the cotton plant and wood fibers, and acetic acid, one of the main components of vinegar. Cellulose acetate has various properties, making it a great alternative to traditional materials. It is water-repellent, elastic, durable, and non-toxic. The agri-food waste, such as hemp leftovers, charcoal, and tobacco leftovers, is sourced from local companies in Italy. The result is a sustainable and accountable material that can be applied in the design sector as versatile surfaces ranging from wall decorations wall partitions, installations, and much more.

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