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Marijke Jans




Lille, Belgium



Project Status

Ready to be commercialized


Kaffa is a collection design objects made from spent coffee grounds. Coffee has the power of connecting people, but after enjoying our favorite hot beverage,we’ve used up only 1% of the potential material left in the spent grounds. The other 99% ends up as waste fill. By looking as spent coffee grounds as a raw material, the Kaffa collection was born. As we share our worries, joy and life by having a cup of coffee together, a Kaffa object is a collection of thousands of stories. Kaffa is the result of an ongoing design-research project on the potential of organic waste. Because of our love for coffee, the spent grounds are largely available and can be locally collected. With their dark and rich aesthetics they make a perfect fit to create biodesign objects. All objects remain biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.

Ph. courtesy

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