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Myceen, Siim Karro


Acoustic Wall Panel L


Tallinn, Estonia



Project Status



This wall panel is a painting by nature made from mycelium-based material. In the process of growing mycelium material leftovers from timber and agricultural sectors are valorised in an energy efficient production process. As a result these materials are carbon-storing (approximately 1kg of CO2 per 1 kg of mycelium material). Available in mushroom brown or mycelium white with a softer velvety surface. The panel works well as a single piece but even better when forming larger compositions on your wall. The growth of the mycelium has been stopped and the materials are safe for humans and buildings. Measurements: 66 x 58 x 4 cm Material: Mycelium-based composite (mushroom mycelium + industrial byproducts from forest and agri sector)

Ph. Kristjan Mõru

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