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For a Local Circular Economy

a table with mycelium and oyster, maria pita guerrero, sustainable materials



Syntropic Materials, Eugenia Morpurgo

Syntropic Material is an attempt to design regenerative production processes for traditional and innovative plant/animal based materials using agricultural leftovers from regenerative, polycultural, agroforestal agriculture.With the objective of shifting natural material production process from an extractive, monocultural, entropic one to a nurturing, polycultural syntropic one.


For more information on the project go to Syntropic Materials website.

wood table with materials samples, syntropic materials, eugenia morpurgo

In keeping with the open and free spirit of the platform, we want to share with you some of the projects that have helped us better understand the - very complex and often with fragmented information - world of sustainable materials.


We have selected a number of projects that are useful to learn more about this growing industry in greater detail. The list includes materials research, publications and digital projects. Write us to send your suggestions!


Following up are the Partners, all those players who have decided to contribute to the project to help us when possible by sharing their information and expertise.


@pensierocircolare, Luisa Prina Cerai

@pensierocircolare is an Instagram account that talks about the circular materials that are changing our present. A vertical feed that tells how secondary raw materials and new products can be obtained from a single material and its waste: mycelium, agricultural by-products, used coffee, paper, algae and much more. A visual hub to share the state of the art of today's design that designs in a sustainable and conscious way and to keep up to date with fairs, circular events and many resources. Because the future is circular! #circularthinking #materialmaterial #closeloop

For more information on the project go to @pensierocircolare


HEALING MATERIALITIES from a Biodesign perspective, Barbara Pollini

Healing Materialities is a conceptual framework originated by Barbara Pollini's doctoral research (2023). Her study intersects Biodesign, Material Design and Design for Sustainability to frame biodesigned materials' potential for both conventional and regenerative sustainability. The study had an intense Research Through Design phase which led to four Biodesign projects developed in collaboration with various Italian and foreign institutions and scientific laboratories. The projects address new techniques and material solutions for bacterial cellulose, bioreceptive materials for biomonitoring and urban resilience, silk-based materials, and materials for edible electronics.

Part of the doctoral research is shared online and can be deepened here:

KOYNE PROGRAM, Residencies by Arcaica ry 

Koyne Program focuses on creating a methodological platform, guiding collaborations around non-extractive bio-based materials and recycled technologies in the creative industry. The approach gives a blend of methodological tools, sustainable materials and technological support, enabling creative professionals to maximize the program's potential. Koyne resonates with the idea that every living entity is intrinsically linked, understanding life as vibrant matter and drawing inspiration from biological systems and technodiversity promoting creative investigation as a way to communicate ideas for a more conscious and sustainable life.

For more information on the program go to & @koyne.circuit


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